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Online Sick Visit with Telehealth Provider

A Clinic That Truly Prioritizes Your Health.

Comprehensive tele-health primary care with weight loss and vitamin/peptide therapies so you can feel your best.


We focus on healing. At Now MedClinic, we craft customized treatments designed to help you regain your vitality and feel like yourself again, all while prioritizing affordability and convenience, ensuring that your path to well-being is accessible and effective.

We're All About You

We get it. Weighed down by chronic pain, struggling with concentration, battling fatigue, or just not feeling your best? We recognize that these issues can significantly impact your daily life and well-being, leaving you searching for answers and relief.

We actually care! You are not just a number or a dollar   sign, but a human being, with unique health concerns and aspirations, and deserve to be treated as such.

About Us

Accessible Care a Tap Away

Stay connected with your health.

Sometimes, life is just too busy or you're too far for an in-person visit to a clinic. We get it. That's why Now MedClinic and our healthcare professionals are accessible to you wherever you have an internet connection.


Eliminate the need for travel.

Reduced Costs

Lower expenses related to travel, parking, and time off work.

Timely Consultations: Reduced delays for medical advice, prescriptions, and referrals.

Time Savings: Reduce wait times and schedule appointments at your convenience.

Improved Engagement: 24/7 access to your medical information and resources.

Health Monitoring: Remote monitoring for timely intervention and prevention.

Telehealth Prescriptions and health visits

Explore Our Services

Mental Health

Empathetic listening service and treatments for ADHD anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

Primary Care

Sick visits, mental health, chronic disease management, wellness care, lab work and refills.

Weight Loss

Various FDA approved treatments and vitamins for weight-loss management.

Wellness Shots

Vitamins, minerals and peptides for a variety of ailments and discomforts.

Fullscript Supplements

Your go-to place for top-quality supplements and natural health products.

They've got everything from vitamins and herbs to products for better digestion, skin, and more.

Experts and healthcare professionals have handpicked each product, so you know you're getting the good stuff. All delivered to your doorstep for ultimate convenience. Join this wellness community and start your journey to better health with Fullscript today!

Fullscript Vitamin Shop Online

What Patients Are Saying

"I have been using these products for 2 months. I feel very good! More energy. Many improvements in my health as well as my body seems to be toning. Denise and Lili are amazing...I totally recommend their products. 100%!"

Patricia Palacios

Patient Testimony
Patient Testimony
Patient Testimony

"The best! I’ve had such amazing results with my vitality kit. I’ve lost over 20lbs and I feel like a million bucks. Highly recommended! I love Denise she has helped me so much I can’t even begin to thank her."

Monica Huldt

"I've never felt so personally taken care of and actually listened to from a medical professional  before. The fact that Denise actually wants to help and not just profit is refreshingly apparent."

Salvatore Girone

Patient Testimony

"Her nurse was very professional, the facility was very clean, and the professionalism was spot on! FNP Denise really took the time to listen to what my body needs...Who knew I could have my needs catered to in such a unique way!"

Edelyn Rabanal

Patient Testimony

"Now Medclinic is the best! Denise is fantastic...My regular doctor takes forever..., she allows me to see her in a reasonable time and can give me help when I need it. If there is anything special I need, I get referred out (:

I love it!!"



We would love to hear from you!

Contact us today to embark on a journey to well-being and experience the difference of care that puts you first.

Your health, your way, at Now MedClinic.

+1 (321) 900-4013 

Services may be limited to the state in which you reside. Contact us for details.

We Actually Care
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