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Terms & Conditions

Online ordering of medications or supplement programs

Any prescription medications ordered requires medical history and treatment consent intake forms to be completed along with photo identification and a tele-health consultation minimum. I also further understand I may be requested medical records, lab results or new lab results may be required to qualify for medical prescription programs, along with blood pressure verification. No refunds or exchanges on packages or products ordered once paid for. All sales are Final! There are no guarantee with any product!

Preapproval or prescription disclosure

No guarantee approval of prescription medications until medical intake forms are completed and reviewed by provider. The provider has the discretion to require additional medical clearance such as pertinent labs by a medical provider or recommend another provider specialty to provide clearance first.

Weight loss, Hormone Replacement, Sexual Enhancement programs may all have a separate enrollment fee or consultation fee that has to be paid prior to the treatment prescribed and is non-refundable. Please read above in regards to delivery of products.


There may be restrictions to where products may be sent to regardless of being a health supplement (Alabama). Health Supplements or pre-approved products may experience delays in shipment due to circumstances out of our control and patients agree that no reimbursement or discount will be provided once the medication has been ordered to be dispensed or the product has been paid for. 

Weight loss Program & Hormone/Peptide/Sexual Enhancement Products

Medical Provider has the right to deny any client that the provider may feel due to medical or psychological may not be suitable for the product or program. The client understands the enrollment fee is separate from the medication fee. Cost may vary depending on if the patient provides current lab work within 30-60 days sent prior to appointment with the provider from Now MedClinic (My NP Now Professional Nursing Inc.) via email or fax for review during consultation. 

All packages are shipped with signature requirement and MyNP Now Professional Nursing Inc. DBA Now MedClinic or My IV Cocktails Professional Nursing inc. is not able to control delivery time. Tracking number may be provided to you to assist. 

I acknowledge that the provider is not able to control back orders on products, shipping delays from holidays or natural disaster or unforeseen circumstances and that no refunds will be provided once products are sent for ordering. If a patient cancels the order prior to item being ordered, the patient will receive a reimbursement minus credit card processing fee and consultation fee by provider that may vary from $50.00-$80.00. 

I understand there is no prescription sent until payment has cleared and prescription will be sent for processing and each pharmacy has different turn around time from when they receive any order to when it is shipped. Some products are special orders and may take as long as 14 business days.  Usual Turn around time is within 5-7 Business days no sooner than 3 business days. No shipping on weekends on cold shipped items. 

I Understand that items shipped on ice depending on location may not arrive cold but per pharmacy from time shipped and packaging is to ensure for item to remain cold enough until it arrives and shipping from pharmacy to patient is typically sent overnight. 

I further understand if any products come damaged, pictures of damaged item to be sent to provider immediately with a description of what was wrong with the product will be needed on day of arrival and email to  The product will have to be shipped back to pharmacy and cost for shipping back to pharmacy 2 day priority will be reimbursed to patient for replacement to pharmacy. If the patient keeps the package and does not report within 24 hour and ship within 48 hours, there will be no refund, on exchange, no exceptions!

Mobile Services

The client understands that there will be a deposit requested and charged for the minimum amount of $50-$75.00 prior to iv hydration treatment and if canceled in less than 48 hours, the deposit will be forfeit. The deposit will be applied to the overall treatment cost. 

Primary Care Services Limitations

Some visits may require an in-person first-time evaluation in person in the state the provider is licensed in. There may be state-to-state limitations for tele-health and patient may be denied to be seen if the provider does not have a license and does not meet state-to-state guidelines for prescribing over state lines.

Routine Lab work or Diagnostic tests 

I acknowledge and understand that I am responsible for disclosing all medical treatments, supplements, medical history or changes to my provider and that I am responsible for completing any recommended routine lab work or diagnostic test. I further understand, that certain treatments a provider may require routine lab work or specific test to be completed as a condition to fill prescription and failure to do so, the provider has the right to withhold treatment.


Peptide and Alternative Medicine Vitamins, Minerals

I understand there are no guarantees to results and that there may be limited research to ensure possible benefits. NO refunds or exchange once purchased after consultation. 

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