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Oxytocin "Love Hormone"

Oxytocin (Oxt or OT) is a peptide hormone and neuropeptide normally produced in the hypothalamus and released by the posterior pituitary. It plays a role in mood, sleep, sex, social bonding, reproduction, childbirth, and post childbirth. Oxytocin is released into the bloodstream as a hormone in response to sexual activity and during labor. This hormone reduces anxiety levels created from stress, enhances ones trust in others, stimulates arousal and orgasm in both men and women and is believed to be one of the main reasons why those with active and healthy sex lives are generally healthier and live longer.

Benefits May Include

Available as: Rapid Dissolvable Tablet | "Oxypop" Lollipop / 50iu & 100iu

Nasal Spray / 50iu & 100iu

Risks May Include

Rare: Headache, nausea and vomiting.

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KIT Products


Selank is a heptapeptide which is a derivative of tetra-peptide Tuftsin. The human body produces Tuftsin naturally which comes with a broad range of benefits. The Institute of Molecular Genetics of the Russian Academy of Science initially synthesized Selank during the late 1990’s. Stage III clinical tests were quite successful in Russia. It is one of the latest substances used for its many anti-anxiety (anxiolytic) effects.

Benefits May Include

Available as: Nasal Spray / 7,500 mcg / 3ml bottle

Enhanced Concentration

Decreased Anxiety

Mental Stamina

Improved Mood

Risks May Include

Rare: Headaches, nausea, and dizziness


DSIP (Delta Sleep-Inducing Peptide) is a neuromodulator and natural sleep-promoting nonapeptide that is found in the brain. It has typically been used to treat poor sleep, pain conditions and stress.

Benefits May Include

Available as: Rapid Dissolvable Tablet / 200mcg | Injection / 1,000mcg / 3ml Vial

Deeper Sleep

Decreased Cortisol

Diminished Chronic Pain

Stabilized Circadian Rhythm

Risks May Include

Rare: Occasional Headaches

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Recover Your Peace

Recover Your Health

Stop & Rest

*Requires medical clearance consult with our provider.*

At Now MedClinic, we do our best to make you feel comfortable, relaxed and at peace with exactly where you are. Our Serenity Peptide Kit is designed to do exactly that! Featuring OXYTOCIN, SELANK and DSIP as the peptides of choice for giving you relaxation, peace of mind and deeper rest. This combo has the potential to enhance your mood, your rest and even improve your relations and overall experience of life.

Home Delivery!

Serenity Intro

Improved Mood

Improved Sleep

Reduced Inflammation

Improved Sexual & Social Bonding

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