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Dihexa is a nootropic peptide (also known as a cognitive enhancer) that’s intended to enhance certain cognitive functions, augment mental stamina, and improve both short- and long-term memory capacity. Dihexa is unique in that it can assist in repairing brain damage that has already occurred, unlike other current treatment options for conditions involving memory loss (such as Alzheimer’s Disease), which either slow down cell death or stop cholinesterase.

Benefits May Include

Available as: Capsule 2mg / 5mg  |  Transdermal Cream (30g) 250mg/ml  

Enhanced Problem Solving

Mental Stamina

Enhanced Concentration

Improved Memory + Information Retention

Improved Depression

Amplified Sociability

Elevated Creativity

Possible Side Effects May Include

Rare cases: Reduced attention span, irritability, mood swings, change of taste, increased anxiety, nausea, and insomnia.

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Having trouble retaining information, staying focused,

remembering names? This kit was designed specifically for you! Memory loss and learning difficulties can have many root causes spanning from external factors to genetic dispositions. Regardless of the reason, these peptides, DIHEXA, SEMAX and NAD may just be the solution that gives you that edge or relief you need to start making real progress with your concentration, learning and ability to stay on task.

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Semax is a nootropic and neuroprotective peptide that has been used to treat stroke, ADHD and other cognitive disorders, peptic ulcers, optic nerve disease, transient ischemic attack, memory, and boosting the immune system. Semax has been shown to increase brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) levels. BDNF is responsible for neurogenesis, which is the creation of new brain cells, and plays a role in neuroplasticity, which is the ability for these cells to adapt to new stimuli and patterns of thinking.

Due to lack of a sufficient amount of human clinical trials, this peptide is still considered "experimental" and so should be carefully considered when deliberating treatments.

Benefits May Include

Available as: Nasal Spray (3ml Bottle) 7,500mg/ml

Sharpened Focus

Prevented Brain Damage

Expanded Memory

Increased Attention Span

Possible Side Effects May Include

More research must be conducted for a safe and sure conclusion of this peptide's potential negative side effects.


Kit Images_Main Page 3.png
Kit Images_Main Page 3.png

NAD+ is a naturally occurring compound produced in our cells by way of biosynthesis. Without this vital molecule, our cells would not be capable of generating the energy necessary to sustain our lives. 

NAD levels plummet as we age, hindering metabolic function, inhibiting DNA repair and rendering us more susceptible to age-related illnesses. Obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease and even neurodegeneration leading to cognitive impairment are all associated with low levels of NAD.

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Supplementation with this "miracle molecule" may help in the prevention of such terrible conditions by improving mitochondrial function within the cells and preventing their decay. This could possibly lead to increased energy, improved vitality, cognitive clarity and even extended lifespan.

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The Sinclair Lab at Harvard Medical School has done extensive research into NAD+ and its effects on slowing or even reversing aging, extending general lifespan, reversing female infertility, slowing and reversing neurodegenerative diseases and so much more.

They've also concluded that “NAD boosters…have been suggested as first-line treatments against COVID-19, especially [in] aged patients.” Their research found that NAD supplementation can boost recovery time and assist in clearing the virus before it becomes severe, especially in the elderly.

Available as: NAD + Oxytocin Troche 100mg / 200iu

Benefits May Include

NAD + Oxytocin Troche 200mg/300iu  |  Nasal Spray 250mg/ml (12ml Bottle)

Reduces Cognitive Decline

Heightened Awareness

Improved Depression

Slower Aging

DNA Repair

Cellular Repair

Weight Loss

COVID-19 Symptom Relief

Reduced Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

Restored Muscle Integrity

Reduced Inflammation

Enhanced Metabolism

Increased Energy

Possible Side Effects May Include

Human brain with gears inside of a lightbulb and colorful paint blots splattered everywhere.

Stay Sharp!

Refocus your mind.

Achieve your goals.

*Requires medical clearance consult with our provider.*

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Rare: Headaches, nausea, fatigue, brain fog, diarrhea, stomach discomfort and cramping.

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